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We are a passionate and innovative Tour Operator, specializing in all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. In making their time in Bahrain truly memorable, we are committed to go the extra mile for our guests. In doing so, our multilingual team delivers the best service possible, values personal relationships and understands that competitive pricing is inherent to sustainable business relations and partnerships. We believe in investing and focusing mainly on highlighting the rich culture, heritage and tradition of our wonderful Bahrain to the world.

We have been moving excellent encounters for a considerable length of time through our cutting-edge planned occasion bundles and other fundamental travel administrations. We rouse our clients to carry on with a rich life, brimming with extraordinary travel encounters. We strongly believe that fulfilled workers lead to fulfilled clients. We know the development and accomplishment of our organization relies on satisfying our customer’s needs each day. That is our guarantee and our team work towards to accomplish the same. Our scope of activity is only restricted by your desires.


CEO's Message

No one has a more comprehensive idea about what this company stands for than the owner. At Acon, every team member is committed to making our vision a reality. Providing the best-valued products to our customers is our main priority. Our team consists of diverse professionals who create some of the best tourism packages for our clients. Our ambition is to deliver to our every customer best-in-class tourism packages while providing value and tailored destinations.

Located in The Kingdom of Bahrain, we serve clients worldwide. Bahrain is one of the most beautiful countries with the best and most beautiful hotels and archaeological and historical sites. Bahrain’s culture is more than 5,000 years old. There is also ample archaeological evidence that the island was inhabited as far as 10,000 BC. It is the home to the civilization of Dilmun Tilus and Awal. It’s always had the name the Land Of Immortality.

As CEO, I promise always to strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service. We will provide quick responses when any of our customers ask a question. We will address any concerns a customer brings up. We will always show our customers that their opinions are valued. Finally, I would like to say that we will always go above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

With these years  in the business, we have developed an exceptional method of operation, that has enabled us to cater to different needs of our clients.

Bahrain Culture & History


ABOUT BAHRAIN The Kingdom of Bahrain has transformed itself in more ways than one. Today Bahrain is abustling, vibrant modern state with great infractructure, every possible modern amenity and a large well educated population. It enjoys Democracy with two houses of Parliament and the vision of great leaders well equipped to usher it into the 21st Century. 

Bahrain also enjoys excellent close relations with its neighbours and GCC countries. Throughout this transformation it has retained great values, secular freedoms and the preservation of Arab and Islamic culture. Bahrain is a free open economy enjoying trade with its GCC neighbours as well as with the rest of world. It is distinctively ranked among the world’s top 20 countries in this sector. It is uniquely structured to enjoy both old and new all at the same time. We have ancient history dating back 5000 years and standing in testimony are numerous Forts, Mosques, Burial Mounds and World Heritage Sites. 

Bahrain boasts a long list of firsts in the Gulf. Some of them are: first to discover oil, first international flight, first boys and girls schools, first newspaper, telegraph and radio station. More recently it was the first state to ensure women’s rights to vote and also the first Formula One Racing track in the Middle East. 

Bahrain is a moderate state with a diverse population that coexists naturally, having done so for centuries. Different races, religions and ethnicities abound and are accepted. Churches, synagogues, and temples reside alongside mosques catering to the needs of all its people. 

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a tiny island nation with an Ancient/Modern twist that is good; both for business and pleasure.


Bahrain Grand Mosque
Bahrain International Circuit


The Best Hospitality Brands

The Art Hotel & Resort
The Westin City Centre
Four Seasons Hotel
Vida Beach Resort
Al Areen Palace & Spa

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